Ashfield Health Agencies Honoured with 4 Communique Wins.

Ashfield Health agencies were awarded 4 Communique Awards. Incisive Health was recognized in 2 categories (Excellence in Communications: Payers/Policy Makers and Communique Public Affairs and Policy Consultancy of the Year), whereas Mind+Matter won the Excellence in Multichannel Communications. Finally Incisive and Mind+Matter joined forces to win the Excellence in Corporate Communications for External Stakeholders honor.

Incisive Health | Award Recognition

Excellence in Communications | Payers/Policy Makers
Equality for Bladder Cancer Patients: A Community Campaign for Timely Treatment
for Fight Bladder Cancer and MSD UK

Judges’ comments
“Here we saw a campaign that was life changing for patients. The team targeted a problem that has been around for a long time and delivered clear and tangible outcomes. The policy change was impressive, thanks to the way the campaign clearly communicated the urgency of the situation for bladder cancer facing extended waiting times. The great media coverage also reflected the importance of this project – it was superbly executed.”

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Communique Public Affairs and Policy Consultancy of the Year

Judges’ comments
“Incisive have clearly had a strong 2020, protecting their staff, growing their business and satisfying old and new clients. They had great growth both locally and internationally. Incisive’s objectives were clear and their commentary demonstrated how the team pivoted during the pandemic to achieve not just positive financial outcomes and remain on track, but also comprehensive staff ratings and new client wins. They had a clear plan, that they more than delivered.”

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Mind+Matter | Award Recognition

Excellence in Multichannel Communications
Why Sit it Out?
for CSL Behring

Judges’ comments
“Why Sit it Out? had really strong outcomes, particularly around the behaviour change. There was clear measurement of effectiveness and they did have a strong channel strategy. Did excellent work on breaking down the audience segment and had good insights. We loved the activity finder as a tool idea – putting intent into actions. Some great joined up tools that had surround support for the kids. Excellent work.”

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Incisive & Mind+Matter | Award Recognition

Excellence in Corporate Communications | External Stakeholders
From Ideas to Impact: Bringing our Purpose to Life

Judges’ comments
“Eastern AHSN, working with Mind+Matter and Incisive, have developed a well written, honest, refreshing, well researched and impactful campaign, from chaos, and delivered important business outcomes. It had good objectives, was valued, clear, concise and flexible with impressive, active engagement and was robust. We really liked their ambition.”

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Ashfield Health was a finalist for a total of 6 Communique Awards. In addition to the 4 wins listed, Incisive also had another program shortlisted in the Excellence in Communications (Payers/Policy Makers) category. In addition, Ashfield MedComms was also recognized as a finalist for the Individual Company Awards. Mind+Matter served as a sponsor for the Excellence in Media Relations and In-House Team of the Year categories.

The Communique Awards recognize the best healthcare marketing initiatives from the previous year and are presented by PM Live.
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