The Global President of Ashfield Health explains what drew him to the network, what “make it matter” truly means, and future goals for the company.


Med Ad News sat down with Amar Urhekar to get a pulse on his role, the opportunities and challenges, and how Ashfield Health is different.

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What attracted you to Ashfield Health?
Ashfield Health was one of the industry’s best kept secrets. We have a network of more than 1,500 people delivering pioneering, creative and impactful work. However, no one realized this because we were operating under more than 20 different brands. From the minute I met the team and looked under the hood, the potential was clear.

What would you like clients, or potential clients, to understand about the “make it matter” slogan?
For our clients, it’s a promise of what we can do together. We can make the initiative, experience, or solution really matter. It’s also a challenge to reflect on what we’re doing and ask both ourselves and the client whether it will make a difference, whether it will matter. If the answer is no, then we need to refine our focus. The phrase is simple, and yet powerful. I’ve even started using it with my kids!

What are the biggest challenges you see for your clients over the next few years, and how can Ashfield Health help meet those challenges?
The data challenge is new and more pressing than ever. Our clients see the value of data as a competitive differentiator and business driver. Harnessed well, drug development can be done quicker, care can be tailored more accurately, and education or marketing can be more efficient and effective.

The notion of data is often misleading, because the industry lacks a strong understanding of what ‘good’ data is and how to determine the real ‘truth’ it contains. With this in mind, Ashfield Health is investing in data talent, tools, and architecture to help our clients make it matter.

What does Ashfield Health currently offer that other health-focused networks may not?
I’ve never seen a business with so many passionate, purpose driven, and smart people. However, our difference is our entrepreneurial mindset and the unique ability to scale when needed.

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