A healthcare intelligence platform built to make it matter.

Market insights. Data modeling. Predictive analytics.
See how Gravity.ai grounds your decisions with smarter data, moving you from chaos to control, for truly transformative impact.

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From chaos to control.

Identify your ideal customers, predict their behavior, and measure their interactions with the confidence that only comes from Gravity.ai.
When every clinical, commercial, or marketing decision impacts a human life, choosing the right healthcare intelligence platform matters. And when an impossible amount of data exists, waiting to be harnessed, connected, and purposed, choosing Gravity.ai means you pinpoint the moments that matter most—every time.

Bring clarity and meaning to your life sciences data.

Within a complex, interconnected web of data points, how do you know what’s most important?

Gravity.ai connects and prioritizes your clinical, behavioral, and social data so you can discover compelling new insights that lead to transformative impact. Imagine what you can do with a nuanced understanding of global data networks—how relationships between segments reveal new insights and how HCP information beyond prescribing behavior drives deeper knowledge of your customer. With Gravity.ai, you can really make it matter.

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Part human, part machine.

Gravity.ai pinpoints subtle data discoveries that can only be detected through the AI-powered omnichannel design, and can only be analyzed by brilliant human minds with the know-how to navigate the world of medical affairs, marketing communications, and commercial. Data mean more when grounded in real-world experience.

Discover meaningful links between demographics, technologies, and on- and offline customer behaviors so you can shape—and reshape—your customer’s universe.

A partnership as unique as your product.

Gravity.ai analyzes and interprets the continuous flow of data across the product lifecycle in the way that matters most for you. And alongside the smart, sophisticated Gravity.ai machine, you have the personalized support of our multidisciplinary minds too.

A global and local network of experts.

Whether your audience lives in your region or halfway around the world, Gravity.ai merges global data with local knowledge so you can empathize, connect, and communicate with your audiences on a human level.

The infinite value of connected data.

Why settle for 1-dimensional audience understanding?

Unlock real audience understanding and drive effective omnichannel impact with data across 4 dimensions. Each dimension is purpose-built to awaken unbiased data connections and activate smarter decision making across every stage of the lifecycle.

Dimension 1

Audience Explorer

How it works:

Dig through the depths of online and offline data to collect, pull, and analyze as many points as possible to understand your audience at the deepest levels.

  • Assessment of online and offline behaviors
  • Real-time customer opinions and sentiment
  • Qualitative interviews and surveys
  • Key audience behaviors and needs

Why it matters:

Insight into what your audience prefers and why they prefer it enables stronger strategic rationale for your communications, marketing, clinical, and commercial plans.

Dimension 2

Audience Creator

How it works:

Apply millions of customer signals—demographics, online behaviors, and technologies—to enrich existing segments and find new audiences.

  • Market understanding and audience insights
  • KOL, HCP, DOL, and COE location and prioritization
  • Patient journey maps
  • Relationship and influence graphs

Why it matters:

With clear and accurate audience profiles, you can maximize the impact of every engagement.

Dimension 3

Audience Predictor

How it works:

Combine disparate pieces of information with machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate a holistic picture of your audience and to predict their behavior.

  • Likelihood to diagnose, prescribe, or switch
  • Custom behavior scorecards
  • Impact of future programs
  • Channels and messages for best activation

Why it matters:

Advanced data modeling allows you to invest in the engagements that truly matter with the right message at the right moment.

Dimension 4

Audience Activator

How it works:

Ensure omnichannel execution and alignment with turnkey integrations that allow you to automate in real time.

  • Advanced omnichannel tracking and analytics
  • User tracking across all touchpoints
  • Evaluation of program effectiveness with progressive diagnostics

Why it matters:

With AI-driven targeting and optimization, you know which audiences are high value based on channel, segment, and message, so you can evaluate the data and offer the right tactic at the right moment with scale and speed.

Better health, powered by Gravity.ai.

Explore how Gravity.ai has been put to work by global clients, from identifying patients and matching them to study sites for a rare disease clinical trial, to auditing 2 years of marketing performance data in order to know with certainty which assets and campaigns are most effective.

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