Welcome to the new network built for today.

Our business is better health.

We are proud and excited to introduce Ashfield Health – a new network built for today’s challenges – and our two new global agency brands, Ashfield MedComms and Mind+Matter.

These transformational changes to the group of agencies previously under the old Ashfield Healthcare Communications brand, are part of a journey started by our new Global President, Amar Urhekar, to be the best partner we can for our wide range of clients across the world and deliver work that truly has a life changing impact.

“We have built a network for today— agile, data and technology driven, creative, and diverse – which can respond better and quicker to the new challenges our clients face. We are different to old networks as we encourage independence and entrepreneurialism in our specialist agency teams but have created a unique ability and drive to work as one team when needed,” says Urhekar.

Central to Ashfield Health’s new journey and re-brand has been a merging of some of the network’s standout acquisitions from the past 10 years to form two new exciting global agencies – Mind+Matter and Ashfield MedComms.

Cambridge Biomarketing – the original rare disease experts, serving the underserved in over 70 different disease communities for over 20 years – has merged with fellow Ashfield Health agencies Ashfield Digital and Creative (ADC) and Pegasus to form Mind+Matter, a ‘global creative powerhouse in health’. Mind+Matter is a new 250-strong global will span the breadth of health from consumer wellness through to established pharma and rare and novel therapies.

Global President Ben Beckley says Mind+Matter will be the first global agency to create meaningful experiences by bringing data and emotion together to drive behavior change.

“Health is the most vital, exhilarating frontier in communications, and we had to bring this global team of world-class experts together – even if we’re apart.”  

“Covid has shown in an instant how our individual health is also a truly global issue, and we need to offer clients a deeply interconnected, cross-sector response to their challenges – big thinking that’s unafraid to confront the toughest problems out there.”

Ashfield MedComms brings together over 700 creatives, scientists, strategists and client partners to form one of the largest scientific and medical communications agencies in the world. This new global powerhouse will be headed up by Richard Lawrence (UK and Europe), and Matt Jacobson (US), reporting into Amar Urhekar.

Richard Lawrence, President, International, comments:

We have long heritage of being creators, leaders and pioneers. The formation of Ashfield MedComms accelerates this and better enables us to achieve our mission of bringing clarity to the complex science to shape and inform decisions. Operating under one, global brand and connecting the capabilities of Ashfield Health, our clients will have access to an unrivalled strategic, creative and scientific team.”

Matt Jacobson, President, North America, comments:

Together, our work will span new medicines for diseases where no treatment existed, to paradigm-shifting advances, to precision medicines, real-world evidence and patient-relevant outcomes, to technologies and diagnostics that will fundamentally reshape healthcare..”

The Ashfield Health network has grown rapidly in recent years following a series of select acquisitions, including Canale Communications, CreateNYC, Galliard, Incisive Health, MicroMass.  All Ashfield Health agencies are now united by a new brand identity and shared purpose to make it matter as Urhekar explains:

“Central to connecting this great network of agencies is a shared purpose. ‘Make it matter’ is our promise to clients and a reminder to ourselves that everything we do is a matter of life. Our drive to ‘make it matter’ inspires us to grow, adapt, be more creative and work smarter than anyone else to deliver work that is truly life changing. From making discoveries to making a difference, we will take every opportunity to challenge convention and spark change for better health – this is something that you will see in every Ashfield Health agency.”


So who is  on our team?

Ashfield Health, part of UDG Healthcare plc, is global health communications network incorporating just under 1,500 people across 5 countries (United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, and Belgium).  Spanning big pharma, emerging pharma and biotech, animal health, consumer health and healthcare delivery our business is better health. Centred around a unifying purpose to ‘make it matter‘ the group includes:

  • Ashfield MedComms, a new 700 people-strong global medical and scientific communications powerhouse.
  • Mind+Matter, a new global creative communications agency with over 250 marketing specialists utilising the world of data and technology, to create meaningful experiences.
  • Canale Comms, a US-based communication partner that springs strategy into action for emerging companies.
  • CreateNYC, a US-based agency that helps clients deliver creative tactics more effectively and efficiently.
  • Galliard, a UK-based PR and communications agency that delivers scientific storytelling with passion and creativity.
  • Incisive Health, a UK and Brussels-based agency which looks to change government policy and transform lives.
  • MicroMass, a US-based full-service marketing agency with expertise in changing health behavior.

We hope you are as excited about our new branding as we are. We look forward to sharing more news as it comes – you are going to be hearing a lot more from us! Please remember to get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page if you want to talk about how we can make it matter together.

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