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Cambridge Biomarketing has merged with fellow Ashfield Health agencies Ashfield Digital and Creative and Pegasus to form Mind+Matter, a ‘global creative powerhouse in health’.

Global President Ben Beckley says Mind+Matter will be the first global agency to create meaningful experiences by bringing data and emotion together to drive behavior change.

“Health is the most vital, exhilarating frontier in communications, and we had to bring this global team of world-class experts together – even if we’re apart.”

“Covid has shown in an instant how our individual health is also a truly global issue, and we need to offer clients a deeply interconnected, cross-sector response to their challenges – big thinking that’s unafraid to confront the toughest problems out there.”

The Mind+Matter team is comprised of more than 250 specialists providing global client support. Ben Beckley, former president of Cambridge Biomarketing, leads the new agency, along with Managing Directors Carina Whitridge, Alyse Sukalski and Corrina Safeio, who head up the US East Coast, US West Coast and UK hubs respectively.

They are joined on the global leadership team by Annemarie Crivelli as global Head of Experience and Alisa Shakarian as global Creative Director.

For more than 15 years, Cambridge Biomarketing was dedicated to ‘serving the underserved’, leading in the rare disease space. Mind+Matter builds on this commitment by bringing more benefit to more customers. Clients now have access to a range of deep specialties under one roof. Mind+Matter combines proprietary data, a proven behavior change methodology and emotive, award-winning creative.


“This is a merger that matters,” explains Ben. “It’s a genuine meeting of minds between three thriving agencies to help our clients realize their biggest ambitions.”

“There has been zero downsizing; instead, we’ve grown to bring together the depth, breadth and mind-blowing talent to compete at the very top of the agency big leagues – and that’s where we’re going.”

At the heart of the offer is CHANGE, a behavioral science-led strategic methodology co-created with the internationally-recognized Centre for Behaviour Change at University College London.

With new branding and the formal announcements made, the coming months will see Mind+Matter deliver on an ambitious international growth strategy that will place a proprietary data model alongside this proven behavior change methodology. Watch this space!

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